There is a new district with a mix
of housing and services in Dortmund.
It is located in the renewed area where an old steel plant used to operate. Exactly in this place, on gentle rolling hills, a new house will be built.
Seen from the street it looks modest - a two-storey pavilion with precise, graphic divisions on the facade underlined by aluminum frames
and contrasting surfaces of white marble, veneer and dark glass. The elevation facing the garden is three-level. It opens towards the lake and the city
with terraces and glass walls. Sunlight can easily reach every room in the house:
the bedroom on the ground floor as well as the living room on the top floor. Luminous aluminum reflects sunlight which permeates panoramic windows and refracts on the glass basin
of the swimming-pool. Sunlight overexposes the house as if it was a delicate photographic plate.