Northern, shaded side is completely silent. Windowless flawlessly white walls are a clear and distinct boundary between the exterior and the internal, private world. Part of the building covered with a gable roof stands out against the sky. It reminds of a house from children’s drawings. However
it lacks doors and windows which are habitually a necessary element of that kind of pictures. Nevertheless, the silence of this construction is neither cool
nor unfriendly. There is a welcoming entrance between two white walls – a wide corridor which instead of ceiling has leaves of a birch tree growing right
in front of the glass door inviting
into the interior. In the suburbs
of Wroclaw a surprise house has been created. There is a luminous and open
to greenery interior just behind its silent facade. This house is a proof that traditional housing can still be interpreted but literality and ostentation can be avoided. Sometimes it is just better to remain silent.