A house from 1920’ was redeveloped
and modernized. Layout of the interiors was changed and elevations were unified. The result of these actions is a construction which is undoubtedly modern yet being inextricably linked with the buildings of the past and having
the form of a traditional house.
This effect was achieved owing to simple, compact mass with a high gable roof covered with ceramic roof tiling. Reduction of redundant details
and using high quality finishing materials such as a platform-terrace instead
of the base course, mansard covered with a glass cubic and a ground floor accented with veneered facing. White smooth walls are a perfect background
for greenery and trees on the terrace which protect the rooms
from the southern sun as well
as for the renovated box window
in the western elevation. Perfect whiteness not only emphasizes the mass but also points out the fact that this building is not only a house –
it is 100% home.